Harbor Patrol

Harbor Patrol


The Ipswich Harbormaster mission is to provide marine law enforcement, search & rescue operations and educational services to boaters operating within the waters of Ipswich Bay and our tributaries. We are dedicated to delivering these services to the boating community with courtesy and professionalism. Our goal is to foster a safe boating environment by maintaining a high state of readiness and cultivating partnerships with fisherman, clammers, recreational boat owners, and other marine law enforcement agencies within Ipswich Bay

Staff & Fleet

The Ipswich Police Harbor Division consists of police officers and 2 civilian employees. The Harbor Division fleet consists of a
  • 25 foot Safe Boat
  • 21 foot pump out boat
  • 16 foot aluminum boat
  • Kawasaki Jet ski
The patrol boat along with the jet ski patrol 27 miles of the Ipswich coastline and the Ipswich river. Additionally the Police Harbor Division manages over 900 moorings located in Ipswich.

VHF Channels

The Police Harbor Division monitors VHF Channels 9 and 16. 

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