Online Permitting


All permit applications must be submitted using our Online Permitting system.
Please view the Online Permitting Instructions and the Checklist for Permit Applications
The Building Department staff is ready to assist if help is needed.
Plumbing and Gas permits may submit paper State forms.

- Site plan, building plans, specifications and supporting documents 
  must all be uploaded to online permitting.
- Interdepartmental approvers will not be assigned until all documents are uploaded.
  e.g. Site plan and building plans must be uploaded for Cons Com, Fire and Health
  to review and approve.
- Property Owners must be current on all municipal bills.
- Building permit applicants will submit one plan set to the Building  Department, 
  it will be stamped and returned as the “Approved” job set copy.

View: Online Permitting Instructions

View: Checklist for Permit Applications

Online Permitting Access

  • Permit Records - To view permit records and inspections from 2010 to present.
        • username: ipswich   password: 01938

Public Access

Permit records from 10/12/2010 to present can now be accessed online.

We are working to upload any related documents that remain in the Street Files for these permits.

All Street Files can be viewed at the Building Department or with a Public Records Request.

Town of Ipswich Website: >Government>Building Department>Online Permitting

- Click on Permit Records on the Online Permitting page

- Enter username: ipswich and password: 01938

- Key in desired search parameters, press Search, results appear,

- Click on desired permit row, the Details page opens.

- View Details: fees, inspections, certificate of occupancy, permit and sign-off details.

- Click on Permit Card to view and or print. 

- Click on Attachments, the attachment list opens,

- Click on individual attachments to view and or print.

- To view permit application please file a Public Records Request.