Special Permit Information and Application Form

Special Permit Application

The Board may grant special permits in accordance with Section 10 of Chapter 40A of the General Laws, as amended, of the Zoning Protection Bylaw. 

 Be sure to discuss your project with the Building Commissioner/Zoning Enforcement Officer and provide his comments to the ZBA.

In order to grant a special permit, the board must find the following:

 The benefit to the town outweighs the adverse effects of the proposed use or action, taking into account the characteristics of the site and proposal in relation to that site;

  • The petitioner’s application include, in the board’s opinion, sufficiently detailed and credible information to show the project meets the intent of this bylaw. Download the ZBA Petition Application (PDF) and please see Filing & Deadline Dates

Required Criteria

 In making this determination, the board shall apply the flowing criteria:

  • Social, economic, or community needs which are served by the proposal
  • Potential fiscal impact, including impact on town services, tax base, employment
  • Traffic flow and safety, including parking, loading
  • Adequacy of utilities and other public services
  • Compatibility with neighborhood character
  • Impacts on the natural environment
  • Water Use Mitigation Program(WUMP)

For more information about the Board or about information on this page, please contact Administrative Assistant, Marie Rodgers at
marier@ipswichma.gov or 978-356-6672.