Development Services

Persons or developers who seek to develop or alter buildings, structures and/or properties in the Town of Ipswich will likely require some type of approval from the Building Department, often in the form of an issued building permit. Proposals to develop property by subdivision, as well as multi-family development and most commercial and industrial development, also require interaction with the Planning Office and approval from the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. Assistance from the Health Agent and the Conservation Agent and approval from the Board of Health and the Conservation Commission, may also be required on some development projects.

Questions about what types of approvals may be required for specific projects should be directed to Andrea Bates, Assistant Planner or to Jim Bone, Building Inspector. Specific enquiries about conservation, health, or affordable housing matters should be directed to the Conservation Agent, Brendan Lynch; the Health Agent, Colleen Fermon; or the Affordable Housing Coordinator, Caja Johnson, respectively. 

More information coming soon!