Weatherization Services 

A rebate of 75% of the cost, up to $2,000 are available for the following efficiency measures after completion of your FREE Home Energy Audit.  Customers who install air source heat pumps are eligible for 75% of the cost with no incentive limit.

Blower Door Test & Air Sealing and Insulation (must be bundled with air sealing when recommended)
75%, up to $2,000
Measures bundled with Air Source Heat Pump Installation
75% Total Weatherization Project Cost

Customer Eligibility:

Must be a current residential customer of Ipswich Electric Light Department.

Product Requirements:

Customers must have completed a free Home Energy Audit through ReSource Ipswich to identify efficiency projects that best suit your energy needs. Submissions valid from 01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024 must be postmarked by 01/31/2025.

Required Documentation:

  • Copy of dated receipts or work orders that include the name, license number, address, and phone number of the contractor that completed the installation.
  • Copy of signed inspection form received at the post-installation inspection.
Why consider weatherizing your home?

The first step after a home energy audit should always be the most cost-effective. Usually, this means weatherizing your home by insulating the areas identified from the energy audit, and air-sealing gaps in the building envelope. These measures save homeowners money by reducing wasted energy, while also improving indoor air quality by reducing drafts and potential moisture problems.

According to the Department of Energy, air leakage in the average home adds up to a two-square-foot hole which is the equivalent of a medium-sized window left open 24 hours a day (see Energy Saver 101).