Employee Time and Attendance

Employee Time & Attendance

The Town of Ipswich, in conjunction with our Payroll company Harpers, is pleased to offer an Employee Time & Attendance (T&A) portal.  

T&A replaces paper time sheets and paper time off requests by allowing employees to record their hours worked electronically, and also request time off from work electronically.  

It also allows you to see the following:

•    Demographics, accrual balances, time sheet changes, time off requests, schedule, time sheet, and holidays

To log in, the web address is: https://www.employeeforward.com/ and select Time & Attendance via the blue icon on the left.  

Please see the employee and Department Director training videos:

Hourly Employee Timekeeping Training Video

Exempt/Director Timekeeping Training Video

Director Timekeeping Approval Training Video

Director Payroll Submission Training Video

Should you forget your user name or password please use the ‘forgot username’ or ‘forgot password’ prompts on the login page.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources.