Manganese Advisory

Manganese is a common naturally-occurring mineral found in rocks, soil, groundwater, and surface water. It is a natural component of most foods and is necessary for proper nutrition.  It is also present in infant formulas.

The majority of manganese exposure in the general population comes from the diet.  Grains, beans, nuts and teas in particular are rich in manganese. It is an essential trace mineral for the body to function, however excess manganese exposure has potential health implications.  

In situations where manganese levels in drinking water are elevated, the contribution from drinking water can increase the overall intake of manganese. 

Two of the town's six water sources exceed the recommended level of Manganese (Mn).  Use of these two sources has been restricted to minimize customer exposure. New customers are urged to learn more by reading the related documents or by contacting our office at (978) 356-6635.

Manganese Advisory Documents