Open Space Story Maps

The Open Space Program, with assistance from Salem University GIS Intern David Bitler, has developed an online GIS Story Map through ArcGIS. The Story Map tours you through some of Ipswich's featured open space properties and trail connections using this innovative mapping tool. Start your tour below by scrolling through the properties list on the left hand side as the map on the right zooms in to show trail access details! Or you can  go directly to the ArcGIS website for the Ipswich Story Map, click here

*When visiting any outdoor recreational areas in Ipswich remember to abide by current Covid 19 State and local policies. If a parking area is full or open space areas are crowded, please find another place to visit and come back another time. Wear a face mask, keep a minimum of 6 feet apart from anyone not in your "bubble" and respect the health and well being of all while we navigate through this pandemic.