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Turkey Hill Conservation Area


  1. Parking
  2. Self Guided Informational Walk
  3. Trails
  4. Wildlife Observation
  5. Woods
Turkey Hill Conservation area has a 1-mile wooded loop trail that leads towards the top of Turkey Hill, one of the highest undeveloped hilltops in Ipswich. This is moderately challenging hike through a beautiful part of town, with a fairly steep incline along the first quarter mile, that becomes a more gradual ascent until you reach the highest elevation point about half way around the loop. There is a self-guided informational tour with 10 points of interest along the trail that describe some of the features of the landscape you are walking through. All you need is a smart phone to scan the QR code posted in the information kiosk and along the route. There is a quarter-mile, one way in-and-out spur to the west off the trail, that is currently under maintenance. There is a four-car parking lot at the trailhead.