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  • Step One

      Instructions for completing the Town of Ipswich's Employment Application Form 1. Answer every question fully and accurately. Please do not write, “see resume”. 2. As an applicant for employment, the Town will review, if applicable a. Criminal Offender Record Information (C.O.R.I.) and; b. Sex Offender Record Information (S.O.R.I.) 3. If an offer of employment is made to you, the Town may identify that it is contingent upon the results of a medical exam, drug testing and/or a background check. 4. False or materially inaccurate information on this application will be cause for disqualification for employment or dismissal at any time after employment. Offers of employment are only made in writing by the appointment authority for that specific position. 5. Read the entire application carefully before signing. 6. If specific licenses are required for a position please include if you have said licenses on application. 7. Return completed application to the Human Resources office unless job posting instructs otherwise. 8. If you would like to be considered for another open position in the future, you must call our office and identify what position you originally applied for and what position you would now like to have your application considered for. 9. We only accept applications when a position is available. 10. Completed applications for open positions will be kept on file for one year.