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  1. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentive

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

  2. Energy Star Appliance Rebate

    Energy Star Appliance Rebate Form

  3. Update Contact Information

    Update Contact Information for new owners, or customers that need to update their information due to change in mailing address, phone... More…

  4. Water Forum Questions & Feedback

    Online form for attendees of the 2019 Water Forum to submit questions and feedback.

  5. Weatherization Services Incentive

    Weatherization Services Incentive Form

  1. Electric Yard Equipment Rebate

    Electric Yard Equipment Rebate Form

  2. Heat Pump Rebate Application

    Heat Pump Rebate Application Form

  3. Utilities Contact Form
  4. WaterSense Product Rebate

    WaterSense Product Rebate Form

  5. Wi-Fi Thermostat Rebate

    Wi-Fi Thermostat Rebate Form