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Electric Yard Equipment Rebate

  1. Ipswich Utilities Patch
  2. Electric Yard Equipment Rebate Form

    Qualified equipment must be purchased between 01/01/23 and 12/31/23. Customers of the IELD in good standing are eligible to receive one rebate of each item listed. Rebates under $250 will be applied as a credit to the electric account number provided. The IELD reserves the right to end these rebates at any time.

  3. Please enter your IELD account number
  4. (if different from service address)
  5. Please provide the date of purchase.
  6. Identify Item (e.g., hedge trimmer, leaf blower, power washer, etc)

  7. Please upload your dated sales receipt. (must show qualifying model, purchase price and paid in full.)
  8. Customer Acknowledgement
    By submitting this form, I hereby certify that all information above is correct to the best of my knowledge and that I adhere to all terms and conditions of this rebate.
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