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Weatherization Services Incentive

  1. Ipswich Utilities Patch
  2. Weatherization Services Incentive

    Applicants must have completed measure installation, as recommended by our partners at Center for EcoTechnology (CET), and have a signed post installation inspection prior to submitting this rebate form. Self-installation of insulation is not eligible for rebate. Customers must be in good standing. Submissions valid from 1/1/23-12/31/23. IELD reserves the right to end these rebates at any time.

  3. Account Holder Information
  4. Required if owner is incorporated
  5. (if different from service address)
  6. *Please upload all dated invoices/work orders that document the installation. Invoices and/or work orders should include the name, license number, address and phone number of the contractor that completed the installation.
  7. *Please upload the signed inspection form.
  8. Owner/Landlord Information
    *Complete only if the account holder is NOT the owner or landlord of the installation location.
  9. (if different than account holder)
  10. (if different than account holder)
  11. Contractor Information
  12. Please provide a description of the measure(s) installed (i.e. Blower Door Test, Air Sealing, Attic Insulation, Wall Insulation, Duct Sealing etc.)
  13. Customer Acknowledgement
    By submitting this form, I hereby request a rebate for the listed work. I certify that a licensed contractor has installed the measures listed in accordance with state and local codes.
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